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Friday, March 15, 2013
Web-Est Announces Vehicle Panel Replacement Costs Added to Paintless Dent Repair-Estimating Software

March 13, 2013. Oldsmar, FL. Today, Web-Est, LLC announced the inclusion of Panel Refinishing and R&R times in PDR-Software, the paintless dent repair estimating software the company distributes. The new data expands the information used by the PDR Technician when writing an estimate. The Part Pricing and the R&R plus Refinish value are displayed in the Rate Matrix allowing the estimator to know when conventional repairs are more cost effective than a PDR repair. The additional data was recently completed & deployed by the product's developer, Community Data Group, LLC.

Eric Seidel, President/CEO of Web-Est commented "We are pleased the final piece of the data puzzle has now been added to the software." Seidel continued, "Having the replacement cost built-in to the PDR Rate Matrix will save time in the appraisal process and net solid estimates the first time written. The additional data reduces cycle time for a PDR company's insurance clients."

PDR-Software is a web-based estimating platform designed for both the Hail Management Industry and the PDR professional who provide retail and wholesale services. The product is designed to work with Mobile tablets for speed in the field. The product runs on a different database then Web-Est's collision estimating software. To get your free 14-day Trial go to or call 1 (888) 932-3780. A monthly subscription starts at $39 a month.

About Web-Est

Web-Est is a leader in online Collision Estimating Software and has a customer base of 1,000's of users across the United States. The company's software users write tens of thousands of estimates monthly. Web-Est is based in Oldsmar, Florida. To learn more visit or Call 1 (888) 932-3780. Web-Est is located at: 3905 Tampa Road #1517, Oldsmar FL 34677.

Community Data Group (CDG) is an organization that develops technologies and Product's which create Business Intelligence data for the Product's users. CDG are developers, investors and strategic advisors to all their projects. The company is located at: 13851 W. Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33635.


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    er nicht wieder unter das messer zu gehen. 鈥 淏 efore diese operation geplant wurde, sagte michael, er wollte nicht, um durch mehr operationen gehen, damit er war in ordnung, mit der art, wie er war, sagte 鈥 roxann malarsie.鈥 泪 bestand darauf, dass es besser wre, um den vorgang abzuschlieen und lassen die rzte tun alles, was sie konnte, um alles zu reparieren. 鈥 / p> als enger-luftunterstützung teamleiter, würde malarsie herausfordern übergeordnete truppen, eine eigenschaft ge
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    ifying bodies. The big breakthrough came in 1982, when the University of Tennessee opened the first lab. Now there's one in North Carolina and, most recently, a lab opened in East Texas by Sam Houston State University. The need for a Texas lab, Wescott says, is that Texas weather is different. The drier air and different set of varmints changes the conditions under which Texas victims are found.Donated bodies are sent to what some call the 锟斤拷body farm锟斤拷 from around the nation, Wescott says, and are matched up with researchers from around the country who come here to learn what happens to a body under certain conditions.A Texas A&M University team, for example, had two bodies near the high steel gates of the 26-acre study area in late fall. A man's body, which still sported a full head of gray hair, was situated under a mesh net. Nearby were the remains of a woman sans net.Aaron Tarone and Jeff Tomberlin were part of an Aggie research team studying how flies might impact the microbial process of dec
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    ll Dickey is taking a job on the staff at Memphis, Bobcats coach Dennis Franchione confirmed in an email Tuesday night.Dickey is expected to become the Tigers' offensive coordinator and running backs coach. He'll be working under new Memphis coach Justin Fuente.Irish nab top recruit: Prized quarterback recruit Gunner Kiel is joining Notre Dame.Kiel, out of Columbus (Ind.) High, said last year he would go to Indiana, where his brother was among the quarterbacks.Instead, he could be in the mix in South Bend, Ind., as coach Brian Kelly decides on a starting quarterback.Kiel was rated by many scouting services as the top recruit in the nation.Michigan's Stonum kicked off team: Michigan dismissed wide receiver Darryl Stonum, who was sentenced to 10 days in jail earlier this month after violating probation in a drunken-driving case.Coach Brady Hoke announced the dismissal for what he called a violation of team rules.MediaCBS Sports looking to expand fantasyCBS Sports is opening its fantasy sports platform to
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    cal history in this area hopes he will continue to take an active role, said Allen, who has written a column in the San Antonio Express-News since 1992.Manguso said he'd like to produce a picture book about the fort, and write a volume on its role in World War I. He might do volunteer work at the post's San Antonio Military Medical Center.鈥淚 could work in patient transport, and get some exercise pushing a wheelchair around,锟絟e said.And maybe tell a story or two about old Fort Sam.Hail to the chief The shootings on Christmas Day on our side of town were certainly very sad indeed. It has left many people scared and worried. There was, in the midst of this horror, a bright spot that afternoon and evening. Police were called and immediately responded. Later, the chief of police himself, William Mcmanus, was there at the scene.Many of us who call this area home were touched by that. This was Christmas Day and the chief left his family to be with our families, who were shaken by these events.I want to t
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    on a la segunda cumbre de la noche. como grupo exploraron sus creencias y opiniones que rodean a las siguientes preguntas: 鈥 cuáles son sus esperanzas para los estudiantes al final de este ao escolar 鈥 si sus hijos ya se han graduado, qué te hubiera gustado que hubiera sabido que tal vez no es cierto 鈥 cómo ha cambiado el contexto de aprendizaje 鈥 de qué manera aprendizaje deben ser transformados para el futuro, y por qué 鈥 cuál es el papel del profesor en el nuevo entorno de aprendizaje joanne huebner, facilitador de las cumbres, las tendencias que figuran en la educación que podrían tener un gran impacto en los estudiantes y profesores. 鈥 淐 olaboración entre los estudian
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    that have been put off, worst of all our economy.Only someone who has bona fide experience and success in the private sector should be considered. The only candidate, in my opinion, is Mitt Romney.His experience in Bain Private Equity fund is notable. A former colleague said he was at his best in maximizing returns for his investors.He successfully headed the Winter Olympics in Utah. He was governor of Massachusetts.Our world that is coming is narrowing not widening. Republicans must present a candidate whose skills are demonstrably suitable to these times.Edward J. Nofer,BoerneIraq was a failureThe Iraq war is over! From WMDs to a 锟斤拷slam dunk锟斤拷 to shock and awe, we were told that in six weeks the war would be over, the restored oil fields would generate income which would be used to repay the U.S. for our efforts.How is that working outRichard Caldwell,BoerneCops must be toughRe: the Dec. 18 piece about the Occupy S.A. protesters:What made the occupiers so special that authorities allowed them to bre
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    will be going to California, Arizona and New Mexico.锟斤拷Concerning the hunting prospects for the estimated 300,000 men, women and children who will be engaging in one of the state's most popular hunting activities, Mason said that wide-spread rainfall this spring is an encouraging sign.锟斤拷Conditions for recruitment (nesting) have been good,锟斤拷 he said. 锟斤拷In a good year, both mourning doves and white-winged doves will make three or four nesting attempts.锟斤拷Both types of doves typically nest from March through September and produce clutches of two eggs each time. The eggs are incubated for about two weeks, and after another two weeks, the young birds are out feeding on their own.Mason said that so far this year, rainfall has also provided ample nutrition sources, such as seeds from native forbs and grasses, in most areas of the state.锟斤拷Conditions are much better this year than they were last year,锟斤拷 he said. 锟斤拷So far, everything looks good for a good season.锟斤拷Ralph Winingham is a freelance outdoors writer. Em
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    is issue, most Americans would surely agree that this mandate is an alarming intrusion of government on how religious bodies practice their faith. It is not only bad policy but also a violation of the first amendment of our constitution and of the more recent federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. Similarly, Catholics and most people of faith would be equally concerned if the federal government required employers 锟斤拷 including religious organizations 锟斤拷 to restrict their charitable services of feeding and housing the poor to legal immigrants and citizens only. The right of conscience has always been of paramount importance in the American tradition. It was Thomas Jefferson who in 1809 said that 锟斤拷No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of civil authorities.锟斤拷The administration considers this ruling final and has given religious employers until August 1, 2013 to comply 锟斤拷 or, as Cardinal-designate
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    . Less sugar means less insulin means less fat means leaner bodies means better health.Oh sure, eating with such attention to the glycemic index ruins your life. You won't have any friends. But you'll be thin. Best of all, you won't need to go to the doctor as often, or rely on federal food marshals to tell you what to eat. kathleenparkerwashpostModerates, we all hear, are an endangered species. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., is the latest to be eliminated. Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, announced her retirement in February. Bob Kerrey, a war hero and centrist Democrat who once represented Nebraska in the Senate, is running behind in a comeback bid.The tea party, by contrast, is flexing its muscles in Indiana, where it helped conservative Richard Mourdock beat the once-invincible Lugar. Voters in North Carolina, which went for Barack Obama in 2008, approved a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions.With 40 percent of the electorate, Gallup finds, conservatives now represent the biggest ideological group.
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    ad de tener la casa grande y los coches de lujo y el lugar de vacaciones aquí y allá. ... si fuera por el dinero, me compraré el tocino más barato y esto y lo otro, pero es más sobre el resultado final y el viaje. \etijerinaexpress-newstodo se basa en la defensa de la lanier high school boys basketball no fue una sorpresa el viernes que los esfuerzos de los voks 'cuando no tienen la pelota les impulsaron a una remontada, consiguiendo por lo menos una parte del distrito 29 - 4a championship.lanier (25-6, 14-1), seguido burbank en ocho puntos al inicio del segundo trimestre en el centro de convocatoria alamo. sin embargo, las 16 pérdidas de balón forzadas voks lo largo de los tres últimos
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    eterans of war who have been severely wounded in the line of duty Deadline, info: March 20, 210-842-6495, injuredsoldiers.orgP.A.W.S. TourWhen, where: Noon, April 2, The RepublicFee, format: $75 amateur/$150 pro, strokeInfo: 210-857-5875, pawstourGolf Channel Amateur TourWhen, where: April 3, Comanche Trace (Kerrville)Fee, format: $128, stroke (by flights)Info: 210-771-4857, pcampbellGCAmTourSwing Fore the Kids TournamentWhen, where: 1:30 p.m., April 9, Riverhill (Kerrville)Fee, format: $125 individual/$400 team, four-person scrambleBenefits: Early Learning Center of St. Mark Presbyterian Church (Boerne)Info: 830-249-3813IPC Charity TournamentWhen, where: 1 p.m., April 29, Hyatt Hill CountryFee, format: $130 (SA Medical Group Manager Assoc. member)/$140 non-SAMGMA member, scrambleBenefits: WINGS, a local organization providing breast cancer treatment to uninsured local womenDeadline, info: April 15, samgma.orgP.A.W.S. TourWhen, where: Noon, April 30, Pecan ValleyFee, format: $75 amateur/$150 pro, strokeInfo: 210-857-5875, pawstourP.A.W.S. To
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    to fight over immigration or Voter ID, we’ll do it after we’ve passed the budget, and then if you want a free-for-all, have at it.”She and Dewhurst differ sharply on the Voter ID issue. She contends that voter fraud is not a problem in Texas and that a Voter ID bill would needlessly “scare people — the elderly and people who speak limited English — away from the polls.”While noting that the Senate’s Demo
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    ason's records: 16-16, 10-6 Southland Conference (tied for first in West)Returning lettermen/starters: 6/2Key players: John Bowman, 6-4, guard, senior 锟斤拷 5.5 ppg, 58 assists; Travis Jones, 6-5, guard, senior 锟斤拷 7.5 ppg, 49 percent on 3-pointers; Eddie Rios, 6-0, guard, senior 锟斤拷 9.0 ppg, 47 percent on 3-pts.Season opener: vs. Texas Lutheran, 7:30 p.m. FridayTRINITY MENCoach: Pat Cunningham (353-195 career, 20 seasons; 233-97, 12 seasons at Trinity)Last season's records: 16-11, 11-5 in Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (first in West, lost in semifinals of conference tournament)Returning lettermen/starters: 16/4Key players: Robert Kitzinger, 6-7, guard, sophomore 锟斤拷 Second on team in scoring (10.7 points per game), .399 on 3-pointers; Ryan Beall, 6-4, guard, senior 锟斤拷 5.3 ppg, led team in steals (42) and assists (93); Zach Lambert, 6-4, forward, sophomore 锟斤拷 6.6 ppg.Season opener: at Schreiner, 7 p.m. WednesdayHome opener: vs. University of Dallas, 7 p.m. Dec. 16INCARNATE WORD MENCoach: Ken Burm
    ren when Hugo Plascencia's two assists set up goals for Uriel Aviles and Jose Silva. Alex Santamaria led the Mustangs to a 5-1 thumping of Stevens with two goals and two assists.O'Connor registered a 3-1 win over Taft. Daniel Alvarez and Ryan Hoskins led the Panthers with a goal and assist.Brandeis (8-2, 3-0), O'Connor (6-3, 2-0) and Marshall (3-5-2, 2-0-1) are on early rolls in girls' soccer.Brandeis rolled past Stevens (10-1) and Clark (3-1). Samantha Smith and Samantha Fernandez's goals pushed O'Connor to a 2-0 win over Taft.Pat Turner is a San Antonio-based freelance writer.THURSDAYKendall County Democratic Club (KCDC), which meets at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of the Patrick Heath Public Library, 451 N. Main in Boerne, will feature John Weir, the Democratic chairman of Kendall County. The public is invited regardless of political affiliation. Visit the KCDC website, Wonderland of the Americas presents free movies at 7 p.m. each Thursday in February at Santikos Bijou
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    y and persecution. Luckily there are talented authors and illustrators to educate our children about the true-life tortures and triumphs of black people who were brought to this country in chains but have risen to a point where, today, one of their own represents all Americans as the president of the United States. Here are several recently released children's and young adult books that are good additions for Black History Month reading lists.Author and illustrator Shane W. Evans doesn't use a lot of words 锟斤拷 a little over 60 锟斤拷 in his book 锟斤拷We March.锟斤拷 He doesn't have to. His textured, full-color drawings do the work of telling the story of a young African-American family preparing for the August 1963 March on Washington. Exploring the historical event through the family's eyes illustrates how much the civil rights struggle was about regular people uniting to peacefully demand change. Martin Luther King Jr. plays an important supporting role in the story. However, it's the fa
    was placed on the liver transplant wait list on Jan. 17, (2004), and on Jan. 23 I had my transplant.锟斤拷锟斤拷My transplant gave me a whole new lease on life,锟斤拷 he said. 锟斤拷I am closer to my family than I have ever been. In 2004, my granddaughter was born, and then in 2007, my grandson was born on my birthday. I now run 锟斤拷grandpa daycare.' He's my little buddy and is with me all the time.锟斤拷Ostrander's is a success story that has been often repeated 锟斤拷 nearly 300 times 锟斤拷 at the the liver transplant program at MSTH. Foster's program was recently recognized as the top liver transplant program in the country, based on data recently released by the Scientific Registry for Transplant Patients. It is the first time a San Antonio hospital has ranked first in the United States for liver transplant outcomes.The MSTH program has the best one-year patient survival rate in the United States among patients with the most seriously advanced liver disease, according to data from the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network /
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    la ville de boerne, boerne la convention et visitors bureau et v锟斤拷los shop britton.arrondissez les membres du groupe rock the alamo ville d'h锟斤拷rone, et vous auriez du mal 锟斤拷 trouver une h锟斤拷rone st锟斤拷r锟斤拷otyp锟斤拷 dans le peloton. \j'ai entendu le nom dans un film, et ce n'锟斤拷tait pas l'h锟斤拷rone, la drogue, c'锟斤拷tait la h锟斤拷rone, une femme sur un cheval abattage personnes \, a d锟斤拷clar锟斤拷 le guitariste kidd. \je pensais que c'锟斤拷tait le parfait 锟斤拷quilibre du masculin et du f锟斤拷minin. mais il a failli ne pas faire la coupe.\nous avons quatre noms dans un chapeau, et que l'on est sorti dernier\, a d锟斤拷clar锟斤拷 le batteur johnny lightning, laughing.the heroine - la kidd, johnny lightning, le bassiste guhly, guitariste et chanteur dd lynwood presley king - a ses racines dans un groupe chr锟斤拷tien dur-锟斤拷 bascule, projet naos, form锟斤拷s en 2002. en '06, le groupe est devenu the hero
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    -point de la ligue, conduisant nba dans de longs ballons faites en 2004-05 et le pourcentage en 2009 - 10.patty millsselected: 55e au total par portland en 2009le paiement: encore 锟斤拷 venir, peut-锟斤拷tre. accroch锟斤拷 sur des spurs comme meneur de sauvegarde 锟斤拷 la fin de 2011-12 et a termin锟斤拷 avec 61 points dans les deux derniers matchs de saison r锟斤拷guli锟斤拷re.deux sous-financ锟斤拷s s锟斤拷nat am锟斤拷ricain candidats luttant pour l'investiture du parti d锟斤拷mocrate affront锟斤拷s mardi dans l'espoir d'锟斤拷chapper 锟斤拷 l'ombre de leurs adversaires du gop et la capture d'une victoire par 锟斤拷tat pour la premi锟斤拷re fois depuis 1994.former 锟斤拷tat rep paul sadler et retrait锟斤拷s 锟斤拷ducateur grady yarbrough, qui a dit ils ont pass锟斤拷 un $ 165,000 campagne combin锟斤拷e, mis d'accord sur de nombreuses questions, y compris le mariage de m锟斤拷me sexe, les prestations de s锟斤拷curit锟斤拷 sociale et de politique 锟斤拷trang锟斤拷re.
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    , c'est au joueur de assimilate.campos, le meilleur marqueur de l'锟斤拷quipe avec six buts, appris l'anglais surtout en regardant des films avec sous-titres au cours de ses premiers mois 锟斤拷 l'universit锟斤拷 dans les r锟斤拷gions rurales oklahoma en 2005. 锟?锟斤拷 choisirais phrases de les films 锟斤拷 utiliser dans la vie r锟斤拷elle, 锟?il said.fellow br锟斤拷silien luiz tiago a 锟斤拷t锟斤拷 encore plus adaptable, devenant au courant en anglais et en espagnol bien que vivant aux etats-unis pour quatre mois seulement. (il n'a pas eu autant de succ锟斤拷s avec le n锟斤拷erlandais et l'allemand, les langues maternelles des co锟斤拷quipiers hans denissen et fabian kling, respectivement.) les obstacles pour les joueurs 锟斤拷trangers vont bien au-del锟斤拷 de l ' pris des ann锟斤拷es pour le milieu de terrain jonathan greenfield, originaire de soleil -embrassa afrique du sud, pour s'acclimater 锟斤拷 son domicile
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    solos de chanteurs bien connus, le groupe artistique voces de san antonio, et un 24-voix interprétation de grandes chansons. admission: 25 $, 30 $ orchestre générale vip. les billets en prévente disponibles à bijoux nèfle, 7115 blanco road, et au fiesta sur main 2025 n. main ave. contact: ou 822-3247.larry benson sr., candidat à rey feo lxiv, accueille a night in monte carlo événement de casino à 19 heures au shrine auditorium de san antonio, 901 n. boucle 1604 ouest. l'inscription débute à 18 heures tarifs: 100 $ par personne (comprend l'entrée, un bar ouvert, hors d'oeuvres et de 1000 $ en jetons de jeu); 100 $ don texas hold'em entrée de tournoi. les profits du rey feo bourses inc. commandites sont disponibles. contact: 979-8991 ou de alamo heights et grande communications présentent finales libres soirées cinéma dans les hauteurs de l'
    ra?neur, j'ai dit aux enfants: ?si vous ne recevez pas le droit, nous serons ici jusqu'à la nuit tombée. quand ils n'ont pas obtenu leur souper, ils ont réalisé que je pensais. un autre trait commun entre gustafson et littleton était que chacun créé une atmosphère professionnelle, sur le terrain ou au tribunal et en dehors. tout était de première classe ?, a rappelé zamora. south san n'était pas une communauté riche, mais nous avons eu de beaux uniformes. sur la route, nous avons mangé dans des endroits agréables. nous avons eu un repas d'avant-match ensemble et nous avons mangé ensemble après le match. vous habillé la partie et a pris fierté. tout le monde dans l'équipe de basket-ball avait un ballon de basket (délivré par l'école) et personne d'autre touché. au baseball, notre uniforme était calqué sur le (alors brooklyn) dodgers. nous avons eu des pointes de kangourou, qui
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    s de la ledets embauchés pour remplir des sacs en plastique avec ice.with platt pelletage, ils remplissent 500 sacs par jour, à 35 cents chacun. ils font environ 100 $ de moins que ce qu'ils faisaient, dit platt, mais c'est un salaire. et c'est l'air conditionné, raille employés gordon.bp leur dire la société prévoit d'être à hopedale pour deux à trois ans. je préfère être ici ensachage glace qu'ailleurs?, dit gordon.but pour certains, ce déversement, dans la foulée de tant d'ouragans dévastateurs, a étendu les obligations de place.if sandy reno pourrait prendre son fils de 13 ans et partir tout de suite, elle le ferait. il n'y avait rien ici-bas pour les femmes après katrina, de toute fa?on, dit-elle, sortant d'une pharmacie dans la ville de port sulphur, à 20 mile de route de son domicile à boothville. ?nous avons l'habitude d'avoir des magasins et un centre de fitness et une
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    n nouveau contrat sculley, a fait valoir qu'elle avait sauvé la ville 47 millions de dollars: 9 millions de dollars dans la réduction de la masse salariale, 8 millions de dollars en intérêts et 30 millions de dollars laissé par les programmes d'obligations anciennes qu'elle découvert dans des comptes bancaires dormants . je voudrais parfois parler d'une situation et elle serait toujours avoir presque une connaissance encyclopédique de ce qui avait fonctionné dans d'autres villes , a déclaré hardberger. ?c'était comme faire venir un chef de la direction supérieure. les détracteurs de sculley, dont certains sont réticents à lui traverser publiquement, dire ses plus grands atouts - son besoin de contr?le, son sens du temps est la monnaie de l'urgence et de la perspective de l'outsider qui a amené une oeil frais au laxisme, la culture du gaspillage à la mairie - ont également été son flaws
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    université rice (1968-1970). \u0026 bull , il était un membre de l'express-nouvelles de san antonio équipe de la conférence all-ouest ? il a re?u le prix du vol haut de rice pour les contributions de vie à l'athlétisme riz ? il est membre du conseil d'administration de riz de governors.bartel.. , dickdick bartel était un frappeur home-run prolifique en softball dans les années 1970 et au début des années 1980. bartel, qui a commencé à jouer au softball antonio san parcs et ligues de loisirs en 1972, a remporté l'état et les titres nationaux home-run en 1981. ? il a été choisi joueur par excellence de san antonio à trois reprises et joueur de haut niveau de l'etat deux fois . ? il a été membre des équipes qui ont remporté six national, deux etats, et quatre championnats city. ? bartel a été choisi pour le softball équipe all-american 10 fois et a été honoré en tant que membre de la all-
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    taient probablement sur le point de passer sous ou étaient en vente sont sortis et ont en rentabilité en raison de l'eagle ford , a déclaré bob zachariah qui va sortir de terre en juillet sur un nouvel h?tel dans les estimations cotulla.he 800 à 1000 chambres d'h?tel par nuit à laredo - deux heures de l'activité de champs de pétrole - vont aux travailleurs de l'industrie de l'énergie . leodoro martinez jr., directeur exécutif du conseil middle rio grande du développement, a déclaré 14 nouveaux h?tels sont en construction ou en cours de planification dans diverses petites villes de la région, y compris uvalde, cotulla, carrizo springs, crystal city, pearsall, dilley et eagle pass.martinez croit que c'est le début d'une transition à partir de structures temporaires telles que les parcs de rv pour la construction d'édifices permanents tels que les h?tels, appartements ou maisons. je crois que
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    me ?a, a déclaré lopez. mais c'est une chose quand vous êtes un district scolaire du centre-ville face à la concurrence du centre-ville comme ?a, et quand vous arrivez là-bas et que vous essayez de rivaliser dans votre propre ville, ?a va vous co?ter cher. membre du conseil d'école gene garcia, également un conservateur fiscal d'auto-avoué, a exprimé des sentiments similaires. les affaires sont les affaires?, at-il dit.comment l'ap 5a1 faredclass top-10. allen (3-0) idle.2. katy (2-0) vs beaumont w. brook, aujourd'hui3. euless trinité (3-0) a battu irving 50 à 0,4. desoto (3-0) a battu rr stony pt. 42 à 7,5. steele (4-0) a battu sud-ouest de 49 à 24,6. coppell (3-0) idle.7. southlake carroll (3-0) idle.8. judson (3-0) a battu 40 à 33,9 churchill. arlington martin (3-0) idle.10. longview def. lufkin (3-0) 4a1 24 10.class. lake travis (3-0) a battu kerrville tivy 56 à 14,2. denton ryan (3-0
    glasscock, churchill, 29,74; 200 m papillon: 1, andrew skowronek, reagan, 1:53.70; 50 libre: 1, christopher spears, alamo heights, 22,94, 200 m brasse: 1, liam lockwood, churchill, 02:10:16; 50 papillon: 1, murray, churchill, 23.89; 200 m dos: 1, lemaistre, alamo heights, 01:58:23; 100 libre: 1, nicolas guillen , johnson, 48,86; 400 qni: 1, hennessy, holmes, 4:17.76, 800 relais libre: 1, alamo heights (spencer adickes, lemaistre, andrew cotton, travis lipscomb) 07:19:18 aahssl double meetsat northside natatoriumbrandeis-marshallgirls. : 200 relais quatre nages: 1, brandeis (connor rethman, paige sherman, kristen moore, gabby parker), 1:57.76, 200 libre: 1, parker, brandeis, 2:07.89, 200 qni: 1, klar laney, marshall, 2 : 19.75, 50 m libre: 1, rethman, brandeis, 26,48; 100 m papillon: 1, klar, marshall, 01:03:32; 100 libre: 1, sherman, brandeis, 57,62; 500 libre: 1, camille phillips, brandeis, 5: 59.10, 200 nage
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    op 18:00 op de campus auditorium, 6900 van virtuosity podiumkunsten academie, . 6712 n. new braunfels ave, biedt optredens van a christmas carol om 7:30 uur op vrijdag en zaterdag, en 02:30 op zondag door 19 december entree:.. $ 10 lov is ook inschrijven studenten leeftijden 4-21 in diverse groepslessen en privelessen contact:. of muziek 844-4298.trinity baptist church's en aanbidding kunsten ministerie zal presenteren het programma ! kerst shines om 7 uur vrijdag en middagzaterdag bij drielandenpunt, 3233 n. st. mary's st. tickets: $ 15 volwassenen, $ 10 kinderen tot en met zesde leerjaar bel:. 738-7721
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    f genteresseerd zijn in anderen ontmoeting met hartfalen. de vergaderingen worden gehouden op 18:00 elke eerste woensdag om christus santa rosa medisch centrum, 2827 babcock road (cafetaria). bezoek: sanantonioheartfailure.blogspot.cystic fibrosis foundation, lone star hoofdstuk, zullen profiteren van de 26ste jaarlijkse tower climb and run, die voor 26 februari in de tower of the americas, 600 hemisfair park. check-in is om 06:30 er zijn competitieve en niet-competitieve beklimmingen. inschrijfgeld: $ 25 per persoon, $ 100 per team van vier. contact: / towerclimb of 829-7267.alzheimer 's association biedt lokale vergaderingen va
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    cumenteren van hun proces. ze gebruikten een specifiek scorende rubriek als leidraad voor de planning van hun project en de uiteindelijke presentatie aan een groep van rechters bij competition.both uitvindingen teams zijn gevraagd om op 9 april concurreren als wild card teams in de staat tcea concurrentie in san angelo. the eye dogs team (allie craig, ben malik en nicki nonnenklooster) creerde een robot die kan manoeuvreren rond een student ontworpen baan met behulp van lichtsensoren. hun robot was om te helpen de blinden krijgen rond hun buurt easily.the 25 cent cleaners team (caroline craig, jude nelson en andrew pruske, foto) creerde een veeg
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    e Dashinl. Owner: Humberto V. Estrada. Trainer: Ramirez, Paul. Time: 20.38. Daily Double (5-7), $149.80; Exacta (7-5), $48.80; Superfecta (7-5-6-2), $904.20; Trifecta (7-5-6), $197.80.THIRD RACE Purse $4,500, Maiden Claiming $5,000, 3, 4, & 5 yo's, One Mile.3-Strong Lady (EJmnz) ... 6.60 4.20 3.002-Bianamazed (BMrales) ... 11.60 8.605-Bridge Flower (CRdrgz) ... 4.40Also ran: Missremitin, Dapper Girl, Air Alert, Southernhallelujah, Treis Senoritao. Owner: Jose Luis Espinoza. Trainer: Torrez, Jerenesto. Time: 1:45.18. Daily Double (7-3), $19.20; Exacta (3-2), $142.20; Superfecta (3-2-5-6), $5,621.40; Trifecta (3-2-5), $702.00; Pic 3 (5-7-3), $703.00.FOURTH
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    mall-town boutiques. For the budget-conscious, she suggests Ikea and Target for simple glass and Lucite options. While a carpenter was installing built-in benches in her dining room, Ruiz had an epiphany: Create hidden storage space by using removable wood bench tops covered with upholstered seat cushions. I don't think you can ever have enough storage. I figure if you can sit on it, you can store something in it. The project cost roughly $10,000; she estimates that custom banquettes range from $4,500 to $40,000 for a high-end piece. A less expensive option can be found online, where retailers sell ready-made banquettes starting around $1,500.
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    arlandale's verhaal geeft ons hoop. als het kan gedaan worden daar, waarom dan niet in edgewood isd en san antonio isd 'vroeg burgemeester julián castro. elke wijk is anders, maar hoofdinspecteur jaklich en het bestuur hebben te maken met veel van dezelfde uitdagingen de anderen zijn, dus dit laat zien wat we kunnen bereiken in het stedelijk onderwijs. harlandale is een verre schreeuw van waar het was tien jaar geleden, toen het bezoedeld door een stadsbreed corruptieschandaal dat beschadigde vertrouwen van het publiek. dat werd gevolgd door minder-dan-stellaire testscores en een, wordt de wijk nummer 1 in san antonio en zevend
    mma's en diensten voor het dagelijks leven van mensen en moet aanpakken. het werd beschouwd als cruciaal voor perspectieven leden van de gemeenschap 'zijn bij de ontwikkeling en uitvoering van programma's om ervoor te zorgen dat de activiteiten zijn opvallende aan hun behoeften, volgens de versie. geleid door deze belangrijke thema's, ons rapport beveelt actie stappen voor de organisaties, instanties en maatschappelijke partners werken aan de verbetering van de gezondheid in bexar county, merkte blanchard.key aanbevelingen voor communautaire strategische richtingen zijn: aandacht besteden aan de sociale determinanten van gezondheid van een spe
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    p territory.still bedreigd in de rechtbanken, de 35ste gematerialiseerd na een hausse in minderheid bevolking van de staat verdiend texas vier nieuwe stoelen. sommigen die zich verzetten tegen de republikeinse getekende kaart zeggen dat het de enige nieuwe wijk die het mogelijk maakt iberirs hun eigen vertegenwoordiger kiezen. stevig democratisch, het is verankerd in san de tijd huis republikeinen afgerekend op haar grenzen, had de wijk verschoven naar ongeveer 17.600 meer latijns-amerikaanse kiezers in bexar county dan toen het eerst kwam uit de senaat zijn, volgens de texas wetgevende verslagen van de raad. er waren wat meer san a
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    crash vroege zondag vrijgegeven . robert louis carter iii , 49 , stierf op de plaats van de aanrijding op loop 410 in de buurt van mccullough avenue rond 02:40 zondag , volgens de san antonio politie en de bexar county lijkschouwer . een voertuig verliet de scène na het slaan van carter 's fiets van achter als hij reed oosten op loop 410 , aldus de politie . de ambtenaren hadden geen beschrijving van het voertuig of de bestuurder . carter, die was niet dragen van een helm , werd geklopt van zijn motorfiets en overreden door een tweede voertuig waarvan de bestuurder , nicholette harmer , 28 , gestopt, maar was niet zeker wat ze had geraakt , werd

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    jospeh vincelli en aaron neville quintet featuring charles neville. lokale acts zijn onder andere jazz protagonisten, de centrale katholieke hoge school jazz band, paul elizondo en henry brun \u0026 de latijnse playerz. 18 september en 19, travis parkkiss het is tijd om te strijden in de spandex en band op het platform laarzen omdat de geschilderde-up wonderen van hard-edged rots zijn weer op de weg in volledige over-the-top rock 'n' roll circus glorie. vergeet de gene simmons reality show. het is tijd om te rocken. aangekondigd als the hottest show on earth ', deze tour zal beschikken over oude nummers evenals selecties uit de laatste cd,' soni
    dr brian gottardy, de eenzame finalist voor de opzichter, 5-6:30 pm op gemeenschapsniveau van de wijk learning center, 8750 tesoro drive, room 217. lichte hors d'oeuvres worden geserveerd in dit publieke evenement. olmos park city council organiseert een openbare hoorzitting over het fiscale jaar de stad de begroting 2012 en de belastingdruk tijdens haar 6:00 vergadering op het stadhuis, 120 w. el prado.scenergy uitgaan, een lokaal eigendom dating bedrijf, gastheer van 'mystery kaarten, een dating ijsbreker evenement vooral voor alleenstaande militairen, 7-9 pm bij tost bistro, 14415 blanco road. dit evenement is beperkt tot de eerste 30 mannen
    urs den deelnemers zullen ook dansen die nacht in de reagan-o. 'connor voetbalwedstrijd bezoek:... rattlersports.sept 5floore country store, 14464 old bandera road in helotes, zal gastheer van de tweede jaarlijkse kantine fest 3-11 uur, het vieren van de beroemde lokale jaren 1960 en '70 bands evenement vorig jaar trok meer dan 700 retro muziekfans festival dit jaar bevat kantine village met de beste in de huidige akoestische blues muzikanten en 30 kunstenaars en ambachtslieden bezoek:.. schertz - cibolo - universal city independent school district bestuur zal beslissen of het bijwonen grenzen van het district junior hoogte-en midde
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    ton st. tickets beginnen bij $ 20,75 en zijn verkrijgbaar door te bellen ticketmaster op 800-982-arts (2787), blader ticketmaster of bezoek een ticketmaster .. outlet waaronder het majestic box office the foundry cafe, 2720 mccullough ave, livemuziek 6:30-21:30 donderdag, een kunsttentoonstelling op de tweede donderdag bel:. 573-5115.lion en rose pub op sonterra boulevard hosts open mike sessies voor muzikanten, comedians en dichters om 10u thursdays.the 14e jaarlijkse san antonio pozie fair biedt verschillende wedstrijden voor volwassenen en studenten van alle leeftijden. op het spel zijn geldprijzen, trofeen, lezingen op het podium 29 oktober
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    engagement auf das, was sie bereits verbessern knnte noch grere renditen als normale diesem season.davis phillips, prsident von einer firma, die sechs alamo-attraktionen besitzt und der vorsitzende des san produzieren antonio gebiet tourism council, sagte sein geschft hat einen rekordumsatz für die vier monaten vor mrz hatte, und er erwartete mrz summen auf ein rekord sein als well.he sagte, sein unternehmen die leistung ist nicht ungewhnlich. \ich habe mit niemandem gesprochen in
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    urity breach that allowed confidential information about San Antonio Independent School District students to be called up in a simple Google search is now thought to have affected up to 360 students, according to district board President James Howard.Board members, who met in special session Monday night to discuss the breach, took no formal action but were told the district has made security changes.Some internal SAISD websites, which had been used by schools to share information, were taken down after the students' names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and other data were accidentally made public, according to Superintendent Dr. Robert Durn
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    g with former PEC General Manager Bennie Fuelberg to secretly funnel PEC funds to two relatives of PEC officials who Demond hired at Clark Thomas & Winters. Demond said Fuelberg asked him to hire his brother, lobbyist/consultant Curtis Fuelberg, and Lampasas attorney Bill Price, son of then-PEC Director E.B. Price, and suggested he roll the men's $7,000 monthly combined pay into the law firm's invoices to the PEC.Demond said Bennie Fuelberg indicated PEC directors would be told of the arrangement concerning Curtis Fuelberg.. Former PEC directors say they weren't told of the arrangements, which prosecutors say cost the PEC $700,000.Pedernales Electric Coopera
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    e lui-même que rove.reporters trouver carney laconique et le point, mais il peut clignoter un sens de l'autodérision de l'humour et ne semble pas tenir une rove, il a développé une réputation en tant que professionnel no-nonsense qui va faire à peu près tout ce qu'il faut pour gagner. une clé de la réussite de carney, a déclaré austin politique consultant bill miller, est une équipe de campagne cohérente dont les membres ont travaillé ensemble pendant des années. la collégialité de l'équipe perry sous dave carney est de loin supérieure à celle de l'équipe bush sous karl rove, miller dit. ?ils comprennent les uns les autres, et ils travaillent mieux ensemble. l'équipe carney était en place pour la course de 2002 gouverneur de perry contre-démocrate tony sanchez. en dépit d'être outspent 3-1 par le milliardaire laredo homme d'affaires, l'équipe a mené une campagne vic
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    filles. il a assisté à decatur baptist college, junior college tarrant county et san antonio college.hicks servi dans la marine et est un franc-ma?on, et est un membre des anciens des guerres étrangères et du quotidien christian church.he dit que les deux principales questions qu'il fonctionne sur des obtenir un approvisionnement en eau adéquat pour faire face à la croissance actuelle et future de la ville et l'amélioration de l'assiette fiscale, en faisant appel à de nouvelles industries. ?je m'efforcerais de mettre à nouveau l'industrie à maintenir notre ville la ville de choix pour tout le monde et ne pas avoir à la charge de nos propriétaires avec des imp?ts plus élevés, hicks said.hicks dit qu'il veut être élu au conseil parce qu'il représenterait les citoyens - d'abord et avant tout. ?je crois que je suis la meilleure solution pour l'avenir de cibolo, at-il dit, parce que les citoye
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    16535 huebner road, suite 112, accueille 2nd verse, impliquant des poètes, des musiciens et des dj's au 20 heures le samedi. appel: 479-5955.churchill lycée organisera un camp de choeur d'exposition 1-4 pm 9 au 13 ao?t sur le campus pour les ages les élèves de 6-12. les participants pourront chanter et danser sur des sélections de musique de la série tv tuition glee.: 20 $. contact: ken turner, artiste 442-0800.mixed-médias michelle belto mènera de nouvelles classes encaustique dans la région de san antonio. belto, fondateur du chapitre de san antonio du texas / wax, a déclaré: ?encaustique est moyen d'expression artistique le plus sensuel dans l'existence parce que les résultats que l'on peut obtenir en utilisant un processus de cire d'abeille fondue, des pigments colorés et de résine sont pas comme les autres. création semble lueur, ayant à la fois la profondeur et la translucidité. des
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    ing, te ondergaan counseling en blijven alcohol-en drugs-vrij, onder andere bepalingen. langs de weg, mensen met een psychische aandoening en / of stof-misbruik problemen krijgen de zorg die ze need.homeless mensen die de transformatie test passeren - soberheid plus motivatie - rechtdoor op de campus, als bedden zijn available.the eerste jaar kon niet beter zijn gegaan, zei greehey, zittend in zijn nustar energy kantoor. phil (hardberger) vertelde me dat hij ging naar travis park onlangs, gewoon om te zien of iemand hem benaderde. niemand deed. hij stuurde me een briefje dat zei: 'gefeliciteerd!' toevluchtsoord voor hoop is buiten
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    huebner road, suite 110, organiseert verschillende wekelijkse lessen op maandag-donderdag-en zaterdagochtend, evenals speciale workshops contact:. 402-0023 of youngchefsacademy / stoneoak.local koffie, 700 e .. sonterra blvd, suite 1113, wordt livemuziek, gratis muziek 7-9 uur zaterdag en de meeste vrijdagen en open mic (akoestische muziek) sessies 6-9 uur elke andere vrijdag bezoek:. localcoffeesa.optimist clubs: alamo heights, 7: 30 pmdinsdagen in the barn door, towne en country, 19:30 donderdag om grady's bbq op san pedro avenue bezoek:.. bekroonde lokale kunstenaars maria campos lopez en irena n. taylor tonen hun olie en pastel werke
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    ountry Village. McCallum pointed to Hill Country Village's overall larger geographic size and fewer yet bigger lots as just one reason Hollywood Park must be well-prepared to answer Hill Country Village emergency calls in a timely manner.Examples of fire department enhancement that McCallum cited here include a truck that's able to lay a main water hose with splitters for smaller hoses around larger residential properties. There, too, is a ladder truck to deal with incidents at multi-story structures.If a person from Hill Country Village calls our fire department, then a Hollywood Park resident calls our fire department, our guys have to go to Hill Country Vil
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    He will speak about how students have a great responsibility as future role models for the children who will follow their footsteps.Rodriguez also will share his inspiring story of how he overcame numerous obstacles and ultimately reached the pinnacle of success. We are honored to have Paul Rodriguez as part of our 2011 Awards Gala, said Jay Zambrano, executive director of the ?Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund. He has a long-standing record of genuine commitment and dedication to the advancement of Latino education. His cultural heritage has been a source of pride and strength for him throughout his impressive career. Tickets are $150 each. Corpo
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    tion.锟斤拷There was no attention paid to legal niceties,锟斤拷 said Wood, the school finance lawyer. 锟斤拷Nobody was worried about whether something might end up being constitutional or not. They just tried their best to put something together and they had a hard time doing that even under those circumstances. It wasn't like anybody was sitting back, asking, 锟斤拷Does these meet constitutional standards?' They just ignored it.锟斤拷 The first school funding challenge in state court came in 1984 when the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund represented the Edgewood ISD and seven other property poor school districts. MALDEF is studying its legal options in response to the Legislature's actions.锟斤拷The level of harm the Legislature has caused this round still needs to be digested,锟斤拷 MALDEF attorney David Hinojosa said.The Supreme Court six years ago diluted the Edgewood standard requiring substantially equal revenue for similar taxing effort, he said.锟斤拷It requires a lot more thought and strategy,锟斤拷 Hinojosa said. 锟斤拷Fortunately, we have our constitution still. St
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    Interstate 10 West.San Antonio Heart Failure Group hosts support groups and free educational programs for individuals who have questions about living with heart failure or are interested in meeting others with heart failure. Meetings are held at 6 p.m. each first Wednesday at Christus Santa Rosa Medical Center, 2827 Babcock Road (cafeteria). Visit: sanantonioheartfailure.blogspot.Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption (SARA) Sanctuary seeks monetary donations to help pay off critically timed utility and veterinarian expenses. Visit: Foundry cafe, 2720 McCullough Ave., hosts live music 6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursdays and an art show on second Thursdays. Call: 785-8208.The Tutoring Group, 434 N. Loop 1604 West, Suite 2105, offers week-long summer enrichment classes for fourth- through seventh-graders. Various camps, ranging from physics to drama, are designed to further educate keep children in fun ways during summer vacation. Contact: 250-1195 or thetutoringgroup.Lion and Rose Pub on Sonterra Boulevard hosts open-mike sessions for musicians,
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    l 0 Victoria St. Joseph 18, Taft 0 Waco Reicher 47, Subiaco Academy, Ark. 0 Waco Texas Christian 59, Austin St. Dominic 0SIX-MANAbbott 42, Walnut Springs 30 Ackerly Sands 59, Sterling City 12 Apple Springs 74, Karnack 58 Aquilla 62, Morgan 8 Aspermont 76, Chillicothe 70 Blanket 48, Comanche Paradigm 0 Borden County 45, Meadow 38 Saint Jo 51, Vernon 0Dan Hughes is returning to the sidelines.Spurs Sports & Entertainment announced Friday that Hughes will reassume his role as head coach of the Silver Stars. He will also remain as general manager.He stepped down from the position in February 2010 to become the franchise's full-time general manager. Assistant coach Sandy Brondello, who had been on Hughes' staff for five seasons, was promoted to head coach.Brondello and her husband, associate head coach Olaf Lange, were fired after a 14-20 season ended with a first-round playoff exit against Phoenix."We are thrilled to welcome back Dan as head coach of the Silver Stars," said R.C. Buford, president of sports franchises for Spurs Sports & Entertainment. "H
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    g any last-minute appeal relief, Garcia won锟斤拷t get another choice. The convicted cop-killer will be strapped to the gurney in Huntsville锟斤拷s death chamber for his scheduled execution.Garcia, who turned 39 Friday, declined to be interviewed.锟斤拷My mom would have done the injection,锟斤拷 said Hector Garza锟斤拷s older brother, Rey Garza Jr., 62. He and his sister Virginia 锟斤拷Virgie锟斤拷 Garza-Craig, 64, have not spoken about their brother锟斤拷s death publicly until now. They said their emotions were too raw at the time.The sadness and anger has not gone, but it was tempered when the two sat around the kitchen table in Garza-Craig锟斤拷s home, her grandson on her lap, and reminisced about their little brother 锟斤拷 the jokester, the history buff, the Beatles fan, the proud husband and father 锟斤拷 who died a hero doing what he loved.锟斤拷Over the years he had opportunities to go to different (SAPD units) and he didn锟斤拷t want to,锟斤拷 Rey Garza Jr. said, adding that even after being shot once his brother still wanted to be on patrol. 锟斤拷He loved patrol, he loved the streets.锟斤拷He still hears st
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    e, yogaia peace yoga, poetry and environmentalism. Cosmologist Linda Gibler will teach "Our God-Drenched Universe: Science and Sacrament in a Changing World" at 7 p.m. Sept. 7 ($15 for two classes; reserve by Aug 31. Contact: or 732-9927.The Connections program at the Incarnate Word Retirement Community sponsors Tai Chi easy and Qigong classes 12:30-1:30 p.m. Tuesdays and 2-3 p.m. Thursdays at the Ferrari Learning Center, 107 W. Rampart. Call: 207-7650.Retox Bar, 1031 Patricia Drive, hosts open-mike comedy at 8:30 p.m. each Wednesday. Call: 320-3089.Green Fields Market, 19239 Stone Oak Parkway, hosts: free wine sampling at noon Saturdays; special wine tastings at 7 p.m. every second Tuesday. Visit: greenfieldsmkt.Rotary Clubs: San Antonio Sunrise, 7 a.m. Fridays at Pericos restaurant, 1439 E. Sonterra Blvd. ( San Antonio Northwest, noon-1:15 p.m. Thursdays at Cha-Cha's, 2026 Babcock Road (rotarynorthwest); Alamo Heights, noon Tuesdays at The Barn Door, 8400 N. New Braunfels Ave. (; Stone Oak,
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    Jessica Fuentes, LF, soph. Southside: Ashley Ramirez, C, soph.; Candi Vaquera, SS, soph.Second team: Brackenridge: Nicole Cardona, C, jr.; Guadalupe Leon, SS, sr. Burbank: Selina Lopez, LF, jr.; Nicole Rodriguez, 3B, sr.; Ragean Wilkins, P/1B, jr. Edison: Beyonca Navarro, CF/P, jr.; Destiny Santillan, RF, sr.; Celia Gonzalez, 3B, jr. Jefferson: Aurora Felan, CF, sr. Kennedy: Nicole Ibarra, C, soph.; Amber Lopez, CF, jr.; Samantha Valdez, 2B/1B, sr.; Laura Sampayo, 2B/P, sr. Lanier: Marina Cardenas, DP/P, sr. Memorial: Briana Contreras, C/SS, jr. Southside: Julie Gonzales, CF, sr.; Adalyn Herrera, P/1B, soph.District 30-4ASuperlatives: Co-MVPs: Lexie Elkins, C, Victoria East, soph.; Hailey Kirkland, P, Gregory-Portland, sr. Defensive Player of the Year: Marina Rios, 3B, Victoria East, jr. Offensive Player of the Year: Tiffany Castillo, C, Port Lavaca Calhoun, jr. Co-Newcomers of the Year: Alisha Quinterro, P, Victoria East, fr.; Karly Hoerig, P, Victoria West, soph. Co-Coaches of the Year: Jody Morgan, Victoria East; Felicia Talamantez, Gregory-Portland.Fir

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    jim beal jr., hector salda una, john goodspeed e robert johnsona partire dal 1 agosto, texas diventa il 15 ° stato che richiede scuole pubbliche e scuole charter open-iscrizione ad attuare strategie per la particolare cura degli studenti con allergie alimentari. le linee guida in tutto lo stato - il risultato del senate bill 27, scritto da stato sen judith zaffirini e rep stato sponsorizzato da dan branch e firmato in legge l'anno scorso - propongono formazione obbligatoria in materia di allergia alimentare per tutto il personale della scuola, nonché un facile accesso a epinefrina in caso di reaction.experts allergiche stimare due studenti in ogni classe
    nali particolari relativi a tutti gli aspetti del teatro, del cinema dal vivo e danza. terra di virtuosismo, 8126 broadway, padroni di casa .. un quarto di evento luglio il mercoledì a partire da mezzogiorno, ci saranno proiezioni gratuite di film patriottici insieme con l'offerta di un rinfresco all-americani contatto: 844-4298 o river state park e honey creek state natural area, 3350 park road 31 in spring branch, offre varie attività e programmi educativi di contatto:.. o 830-438-2656 cafécollege, un programma di education partnership san antonio propone di fornire agli studenti le risorse necessarie
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